New Mosque ( Yeni Camii )

New Mosque,  which is located in Eminönü, was started to build by order of Safiye sultan who is III. Murat’s wife in 1597. After III. Murat passing away, construction of the mosque was delayed for along time. Mother of IV. Mehmet, Hatice Turhan Sultan, supported to finish  construction of the mosque in 1663.


The interior of the mosque is decorated with blue, green and white İznik Tiles. There are also many complexes near the mosque which  has two minarets.  At the end of the Galata bridge,  in front of this beautiful mosque overlooking the Golden Horn there is also a square.

When you stop and look around you in the middle of the square , you can see the entrance of the Spice Bazaar.

This is the place is visited by many tourists and it is always crowded. You can sit the ladders in front of the New Mosque and you can feel the energy of İstanbul while you are feeding pigeons and watching the view of Golden Horn.

How can you get there? On  which days it is open? On which days on which hours it is open? How much you will pay the entrance fee?

From Taksim: Firstly, you  take the finikular from the metro station on Taksim Square to go to Kabataş. When you get there, you can use the tram to Eminönü.

From Beşiktaş: There is the bus line  from Beşiktaş to Eminönü.

From Eminönü: You did. Look around and enjoy yourself.

From Kadıköy: Get the Kadıköy – Eminönü boat and cross the road to Spice Bazaar.

From Üsküdar: You can also get the Üsküdar – Eminönü boat to pass the Bosphorus, and walk to through Spice Bazaar

Days and Opening Hours: Opened every day from 07.00 to 23.00 .

Entrance Fee: It is for free.

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