German Fountain

The German Fountain is a gift from German Emperor Wilhelm II to Sultan Abdulhamid II and Istanbul and was constructed to its place in 1901. Although  the inauguration of fountain was planned to take place on September 1st, 1900 – on the 25th anniversary of Abdulhamid II’s ascension to the throne, construction, however, could not finish at the planned time and it was instead inaugurated on January 27th, 1901 on Wilhelm II’s birthday.

The German Fountain was built to commemorate the second visit of the German Emperor who visited Istanbul thrice. Built the commemorate this visit,the fountain was decorated out of Emperor’s design. The neo-Byzantine style octagonal fountain stood on a high floor. Reservoir is standing on mosaic tiled platform and it is surrounded with bronze dome and carved marble. There are eight monograms in the stonework and they represent political union of Abdulhamid II and Wilhelm. The bronze  inscription on reservoir, which is written in German reads “German Kaiser Wilhelm II had this fountain constructed in 1898 autumnas a gratitude remembrance for his visit to Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II”

How can we get there? On  which days it is open? On which days on which hours it is open? What is the entrance fee?

From Taksim: First you need to take the finikular from the metro station on Taksim Square to go to Kabatas. When you get Kabatas, you need to get the tram to Sultanahmet.

From Beşiktaş: You need to get the bus from Beşiktaş to Kabatas and you need to get the tram to Sultanahmet.

From Eminonu: It would be fun to walk through the tram way. In case you dont want to walk, you can get the tram and get off in the Sultanahmet Station.

From Kadıköy: Get the Kadıköy – Eminönü boat, to pass the bosphorus, from Eminonu you can get the tram to Sultanahmet.

From Üsküdar: Get the Üsküdar – Kabataş boat to pass the bosphorus, and get the tram to Sultanahmet.

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