Things To Know Before Coming To Turkey – Part I

Money in Turkey


Local currency is the Turkish Lira.

When you come to Turkey, it can suggested to convert only some limited amount of money in the airport. Because the rate in airport is not that good. Also banks have not that good rates. It would be better to use the exchange offices within the city center.

You can convert USD, Euro and GBP to Turkish Lira easily in any exchange office. But it would not be possible to convert some other currencies that easily. So it would be better to have USD or Eur with you when you are coming.

Even Turkish Lira is the local currency, in big stores, you can use USD or Eur in your shopping. But the rate they will use to convert would be pretty low. So in case you are not in hurry, convert somewhereelse and continue shopping later.

You can use USD or Eur in taxi as well. However, they will be giving you the change in Turkish Lira.

Please visit for the exchange rate of today.

Credit Cards;

All Visa, Mastercard and American Express are valid in Turkey. There might be some shops that American Express but you can use the other two easily in stores.

However, you can not use credit cards in taxis or in public transportation. So you need to have cash for them.


You can use your ATM cards in Turkey. Please check the rates of drawing cash from the ATMs in Turkey from your bank in your country. It changes from bank to bank.

Also be remember that you can only draw 1.000 Turkish Lira from ATMs within the same day.  If you would like to withdraw more, then you need to give some extra fee.

You can also withdraw USD or Eur only from limited number of ATMs of Garanti Bank and HSBC.

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